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Pricing for the 


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Workshop Pricing

Full Day Workshop

Virtual or in-person*

Bring the Enneagram to your team in a work context:

  • Explore the 9 Types of Leadership

  • Explore the 9 Communication Styles

  • Break-Out Groups

Full day



Two Day Workshop

Virtual or in-person*

Everything Day 1 has to offer, plus a customizable workshop for your team, based upon what you need most:

  • Enneagram Narrative Panels (Most Popular)

  • Managing Conflict with the Enneagram

  • Building High Performing Teams with the Enneagram

  • Making Effective Decisions with the Enneagram

Two Days


enneawork pricing.jpg

On-going support


We offer retainers for teams to put the Enneagram to work... at work:

  • Typing new hires

  • Executive coaching

  • Management training

  • Team building

  • Conflict resolution

  • Personal & professional development

Starts at:


*In-person workshops require additional costs

Whats the ROI
of softskills?

Soft Skill Development

75% of long-term success in a job role comes soft skills, while 25% of success comes from technical skills. It's soft skills that separate high performers from average performers.


Source: The Stanford Research Institute


Improve Employee Retention

94% of employees would prolong their stay in an organization who invests in their development. 96% of employees believe that showing empathy is one of the most important ways to improve retention.


Source: LinkedIn's 2018 Workplace Learning report


Improve Profitability

Highly engaged teams increase profitability 21%. Engagement looks

like employees showing up every day with passion, purpose, presence, and energy. However, 53% of workers report not feeling engaged at work.


Source: Gallup


Improve Communication

69% of managers express feeling uncomfortable communicating with their employees. Businesses with highly effective communicators have a 47% higher

total return to shareholders compared to companies with the least effective communicators.


Source: Harvard Business Review & Towers Watson