Introducing the


1-2 days of game-changing

self-awareness and compassion

Why start here?

Visceral team experiences are some of the most effective ways to get team or company "buy in." Therefore, we've designed the Enneawork-shop to be an interactive experience that facilitates rapid empathy, self-awareness, and collective vision – no matter if your team is brand new to the Enneagram or has been using it for years.

How it works
Step 1:  Discover Enneagram Types

Whether you have a team of 5, 50, or otherwise, everyone needs to have a good idea of their Enneagram type before going into the workshop. This can happen by taking a free online assessment or working with us in advance by scheduling a Typing Interview.

Step 2: Plan the workshop

It's simple: we facilitate the time we spend together, you host the event. Workshops can be done virtually or in-person (pending safe travel conditions) and are best designed for 1-2 day increments, which are often decided by factors like time, budget, and level of commitment.

Step 3: Get ongoing support

To continue the powerful work we've begun together, we offer organizations the option to choose from a variety of ways we can continue providing ongoing support. From offering coaching services to creating organizational roadmaps, there are many ways we can help you accomplish your company or team-wide goals.

Other questions?